Community Groups

We strive to be a community that builds and thrives on relationships within our church family and our personal relationship with God.  For that reason, we offer the opportunity for you to be involved in a Community Group to connect, grow and do life with others.  A Community Group consists of 8-10 people that come together weekly to seek a deeper relationship with one another through fellowship, study and prayer.

We currently have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week at homes in the Evansville area as well as right here at the church campus.  Community Groups meet on various nights and differing times, so it is best to contact the church office so that we can get you plugged into a group that best suites your life circumstance.

Our vision for this ministry is that it forge real relationships with God and one another to establish community.  Groups are about so much more than sticking our noses in the Bible and reading, but are about truly doing life together with other Christ-followers.  The real growth of the church happens in our personal relationships with one another drawing us closer to Christ.

For more info or how to find a community group of your own, email Matt or fill out the form below!

Community Group Form